Can the sun lie?

“In the Canadian Arctic the Inuit have controversially observed that the sun is setting many kilometers further west along the horizon and the stars are no longer where they should be. Sunlight is behaving differently in this part of the world as the warming Arctic air causes temperature inversions and throws the setting sun off kilter. The nineteenth-century suspicion directed toward the sun’s capacity to mislead, to turn stable realities into distorted versions of the real, is refracted in this twenty-first-century corollary as climate change transforms the surfaces of the earth into a vast array of photographic plates, each? of which is recording the atmospheric chemistry of terrestrial change differently. For the Inuit, the world that they once knew finds no mirror image in the world that they now see.”
A film by Susan Schupli
A local optical effect takes place in Canadian Arctic due to the melting ice caps?

In reference to Three Ways to See Wrekin From Snowdon