Cloud Machine

October 15, 2012

The Cloud Machine is a personal device for weather modification. It consists of cloud-making gear sent up into the atmosphere in a weather-balloon payload. As it reaches specific altitudes it disperses Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN), heat and water vapor. Moisture in the air condenses into cloud droplets around the CCN, forming into small clouds. This method is inspired by a geo-engineering technique proposed to create brighter, more reflective clouds which shield earth from sun’s radiation, and thus partly counteract the climate change.

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Cloud Machine is a part of Nephologies, a project commissioned for a Blowup event by V2_ Institute for Unstable Media.

Nephologies consists of experiments and instruments to acquire knowledge of clouds and the systems they manifest. It combines scientific information with more whimsical and experiential approaches.

About Blowup event:

This edition of Blowup will examine the how and the why of speculative realism, object-oriented ontology and artistic practice. Three new art commissions examine different aspects of Object-oriented ontology (OOO), such as a non-human-centered view of the world, and the limits of knowledge. An e-book of interviews with artists and thinkers, released with a short talk at the exhibition finissage, will round out the programme and provide insights into the relationship between this exciting turn in philosophy and contemporary art and design.

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