Road to cloud

In Ireland it’s illegal to launch a weather balloon, even on a tether, so, for the Science Gallery show Strange Weather, we decided to install the Cloud Collector on the ground hoping the cloud would come to us — as it often does around Dublin. Luckily, the cloud was already there waiting for us. All we needed to do was to walk into it and wait for it to condense on the Collector’s wings.

The video was shot and edited by Michael Doyle, and the cloud ingestion volunteers are Tega Brain, Jodi Newcombe and David Timmons.

The road to cloud:

The cloud seems like nothing when you’re in it — the condensation on the Collector’s wings that started being apparent almost immediately is a good physical proof of the reality of the cloud.


When we came back the sun was shining, and the Collector was full of cloud.


The 500 ml of cloud is going to go to the Science Gallery and be served during the opening.


The brave volunteers, Tega, Jodi and David ingested the sample, and will keep track of their transformation as the cloud microbiome will be incorporated into their own microbiome and will start affecting their personality. At the opening part-cloud as they are, they will be part of my exhibit and examples to follow.


Thanks to this field trip we had a chance to see some of the wonderful green Ireland, including the sheep and the derelict cottages.